Retail Newsletter 2/8/12

A Valentine’s Wish From Jeffrey Lewis
Who DOESN’T love over-priced prix fixes with the requisite champagne toast and shitty boxes of chocolate (lots of people!)??
Who DOES love new vinyl from their Valentine (lots of people).
Jeffrey Lewis made you a drawing because he wants to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s day. Please feel free to post this little love note to your Facebooks, blogs and websites around that dreadful, dreadful day.
And if you happen to see a VG UK copy of Electric Ladyland pick it up for me. I’ll TOTALLY be your Valentine. Just don’t call me “babe.”

Mark Lanegan Moves Units
So the new Mark Lanegan Band album Blues Funeral came out yesterday – but you already knew that – and to kick it off the band played a show last night at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom. Why should you give a shit about a rock show that happened probably not in your town? Because the fellows are Mark’s merch table sold out of every single copy of Blues Funeral last night. I don’t know how many they brought but I do know they had a bunch. One could even call it a “shitload.” It seemed like every other person in that room was carrying around a copy of Blues Funeral. Along with some of your early emails from yesterday afternoon telling us how fast this record was moving, we just wanna make sure you’re aware that people are psyched for this jam.

The Year Of The Tiger
Fucked Up’s latest installment in their Zodiac Single Series is out this week and it’s effing insane. You can listen to it along with the previous Zodiac Singles on this widget HERE. And then after you listen you can spread the word. Down at the bottom of that widget there’s a little button that says “SHARE.” So please use it, share and embed this jawn everywhere.
And if you perchance run into Fucked Up, make sure you say “Congrats” for being nominated for a Best Alternative Album award at the Junos for David Comes To Life. Rad.

Call Willis Earl Beal At 773-295-2135
Seriously. Call him. Talk to him, ask him how he’s doing and he’ll probably even sing you a song. You have to get familiar with this rolling stone’s story. It’s pretty fascinating. You can read all about it HERE.

Perfume GZA
Surely you’ve seen the unbelievable Perfume Genius video and the controversial ad by now but rest ye heart, dear friend, now you can take that song and listen to it on your morning jog. Well. Ok maybe it’s not jogging music but the point is the MP3 of “Hood” is HERE (along with some tour dates) meaning you no longer have to head to YouTube to hear your new favorite song.
The MUSIC VIDEO and CONTROVERSIAL AD have together amassed 300K views, and in only two weeks. Any of our artists with comparable views are in the 40K sales range rather than 4K spectrum. So be prepared for this album to hit harder than you may be expecting. People are psyched.
And according to our publicist, this action has “made a major splash in Gayville. So if any of these stores have any customers of the homosexual persuasion, they would be foolish not to stock big and stock hard.” I had to quote that because he said it and he’s gay so it’s totally fine.

Julian Plenti Is… Back!
That’s pretty much all the information we’ve got for now. But you can read about it HERE. The one thing I can assure you the album – which comes later this year – is that the album WON’T be titled Julian Plenti Is… Tenement Building

We want your store charts. Send to Me and Dave or Helen. Please don’t hesitate to add us to all of your lists.
And we were also wondering, why aren’t people counting vinyl? Surely for some of you guys out there and some of these titles, vinyl is a big chunk of the sales, no?! Let us know wassup. We wanna know you. Like KNOW you.

From The Distributed Product Vault
We think this Starving Weirdos VIDEO is outfuckingstanding. We think the new Starving Weirdos record is one step above outfuckingstanding. We carry it, along with a ton of other non-Beggars/Matador titles, here at Matador Direct. Hit up Dave or Helen for a full rundown of what Distributed Product we’ve got.

COD Update
COD charge is now $11.

much luv,
The Master Of Disaster, The ODB Of JCNJ, The Seventh Best Looking Guy At 304 Hudson.

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