Retail Newsletter 11/28/11

Happy Thanksgiving y’all. Here goes…

Dude, There Is So Much Action Going Down In The World Of The xx
I’m sure you’ve heard little blips and blurbs but here it is, all rolled into one comprehensive package.

First off, we can’t begin to talk about how jazzed we are that The xx have begun recording their second album. The fact that they are recording is just about all the information we have at this point but you can follow along with the band on their new blog, on which they’ve started to post their inspirations, photos and generally fun and awesome stuff while they go through the process of making the followup to their magnificent debut. Check it out HERE.

Along with that, remixes and samples and the like have been popping up everywhere. Surely you heard about that time that Drake sampled the Jamie xx remix of Gil Scott-Heron’s “I’ll Take Care Of You” on his massive debut’s title track. Wait. You didn’t? Well you can read about it HERE. As of last week, that was the #1 track on iTunes. People. Be. Psyched.

What else? Oh right. There was that one time when the biggest band in the world (Well, second biggest only to the Doobie Brothers) Radiohead announced that Jamie xx was remixing “Bloom” from their King Of Limbs album. That happened and you can read about it and listen to that jawn HERE.

And then there’s that whole pop music scene where I’m pretty sure Rihanna is still on top of the pile. She recently sampled “Intro” from The xx’s self-titled debut on a track called “Drunk On Love” from her album Talk That Talk which dropped last week. Listen to it, man.

Phew. That’s a lot of action. I need a coconut water.

People Love Writing Really Cool Pieces About Jeff Lewis
They just keep rolling in. And they just keep getting more deep and more awesome.
Check out this super in-depth piece from Capital New York which discusses Mr. Lewis’s touring ethos, comic books and even includes some rad videos. Hey otherwise, the dude’s got a few dates left on his current tour. West Coasters, I’m looking at you. Dig ‘em HERE.

Some Concrete News About Perfume Genius Followed By Some Nebulous News About Perfume Genius
Perfume Genius starts his tour tonight in Cleveland supporting Beirut. You can check out the dates HERE. There is a new Perfume Genius album coming soon. We recently heard it. It almost made me cry. Seriously.

Remember In The Last Newsletter When I Told You We Had a Zomby 12″ That Is Coming Out On December 6?
Well we’re shipping them this week, so get up with Dave or Helen for all the info and to order lots of em.

Remember In This Newsletter When I Told You About The New Big Pink Album?
Yea dude. Future This is hitting shelves in January but the band just whet our collective whistles when Zane Lowe premiered the album’s first track “Stay Gold” as his Hottest Record In The World. (No idea what I’m talking about? Well it’s England stuff. But rest assured, it’s huge). You can check out the video for the song HERE. And then you can order the “Stay Gold” 12″ from Helen or Dave.
Let’s get Krinked.

Trash Talk In Technicolor
The first run of the Trash Talk Awake 7″ sold out faster than the Doobie Brothers digital boxset. So we pressed more. Said first run was on black/white, black or white vinyl. This repress is coming atcha on grey or grey/black vinyl. So what am I saying? I’m saying the color vinyl nuts that shop at your store are about to start salivating some more for these jammies.
Fun Fact: The Pitchfork awarded Awake its coveted Best New Music tag which makes this 7″ the shortest BNM ever. (Remember, The Doobie Brothers :28 second album Time In My Pocket only got an 8.0 and did not score BNM).

“King Krule – 1st Pressing Almost Sold Out. Shit’s ‘Blowing Up’”
So part of the process for me compiling this fucking Pulitzer-worthy newsletter is me asking all the label heads over here at 304 Hudson, “You got any action for my newsletter?” The headline above is a direct quote from the True Panther himself. Need I say more?

Getting To Know Your Local Independent Retailer
So we’ve started profiling some of your awesome stores out there on the Matablog with a new feature called Getting To Know Your Local Independent Retailer, duh. You can check out our first installment featuring Origami Vinyl HERE.
While I’d love to come up with thought-provoking and insightful questions for each of your stores, I really don’t have the time between playing Snood, correcting the mistakes on the Doobie Brothers’ Wikipedia entry and changing the inner sleeves of Dave’s LP collection without him knowing. So email me back and I’ll send you our list of eleven generic questions that you can answer to be featured on the Matablog.


Have A Great Week, Everybody…
I know I’m about to.

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