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Retail Newsletter 10-31-11

Monday, October 31st, 2011

My apologies for having neglected our newsletter for the last cycle. CMJ was in town and things got a little nutty.
But we’ve put our dancing shoes back in the closet in their protective Ziploc bag and are hard back at work. Normally, mid-fall is when we begin to slow down a bit and refocus ourselves on the year end and the coming year’s impending madness. But this year we’re chugging along straight to winter like one of Geezer Butler’s bass lines.
Of course you’re all already very hip to the Atlas Sound “Parallax” 7″, the King Krule EP, the Trash Talk Awake 7″ and of course the so effing awesome TV Casualty S/T 7″ but I wanna take a minute and outline the chock-full-of-rawk November we’ve got coming on the horizon.

This week’s theme:

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

Joker The Vision – Available 11/8
Debut album by Brighton producer Joker is a soon-to-be hallmark of the resurgent British electronic scene. It’s a wildly¬† refreshing take on everything that seems to be happening over there.

Kurt Vile Smoke Ring For My Halo Deluxe Edition – Available 11/8
The album that will surely appear on most everyone’s Best Of lists gets the deluxe treatment. CD format comes with brand new cover art and the So Outta Reach EP as a 6 track bonus disc.
That EP is also available separately on vinyl.

Atlas Sound Parallax – Available 11/8
You surely know the story by now. Atlas Sound is Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox solo effort. However what you may not realize is that Atlas Sound is anything but a “side-project.” It is a fully realized musical vision that some are saying is Bradford’s best work to date.

Sigur Ros Inni – Available 11/15
This film/album combo is being referred to as the “Definitive Live Sigur Ros Experience.” Well, outside of actually seeing the band live, I can’t disagree. I recommend watching with friends on the best entertainment system any one of you has and turning the volume all the way up.

Portishead Chase The Tear 12″ – Available 11/15
This track (released last year digitally) finally gets its much deserved vinyl release. It’s backed with a remix by Torontonians Doldrums.
All proceeds still go to Amnesty International.

Guided By Voices The Unsinkable Fats Domino b/w We Won’t Apologize 7″- Available 11/22
Lucky for us they are back at it with the classic GBV lineup. This is the first single (via Matador) from their upcoming self-released album Let’s Go Eat The Factory.
You can listen to the track and get psyched here.

And now for some other news and notes.

The Vinyls Are Coming
Get psyched as we’ve got some much awaited vinyl coming down the pipe in a few weeks’ time. First the Strange Boys Live Music will be in next week in time for the 11/15 street date. Make sure you get up with Dave or Helen and stock yourselves.
Additionally, the King Krule EP will be in on wax for 11/15 as well.

This Mortal Coil In A Box
Well not like “in a box.” More like “in a box.” Make sense? You’re welcome. Stay tuned for more information on the This Mortal Coil boxset coming later today but let me be the first to tell you (unless somebody else told you already) that these things look and sound amazing. They are pricey so best to talk to your TMC/4AD heads and gauge what kind of interest you’ll have from your customers. But for a fan, they are absolutely worth every single penny.

This Cartoon Is Fucked Up.
Bet you’d never thought you’d see Fucked Up as their own cartoon. Well, thanks to Pitchfork you can now.

4AD Live
The first time I sat down to watch this St Vincent live session, I thought it was a music video. It looks and sounds unbelievable. Surely, you’ll make the same assumption when you check it out.

Our Bands Love Touring.
Seriously. They won’t stop doing it.



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