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Retail Newsletter 8/29/11

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Girls Across America
Why is it that some of you have STILL not signed up to participate in Girls Across America? I mean, really? I know that I’ve already told you that participating is the ONLY WAY TO GET A LIMITED INDIE-RETAIL-ONLY PIECE OF GIRLS VINYL, right? Haven’t I told you that? Man. Don’t you want A LIMITED INDIE-RETAIL-ONLY PIECE OF GIRLS VINYL? Don’t you want that? Man.
So sign up already! It’s gonna be awesome. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about (you should) email me and say “Hey Mike, what the hell are you talking about?”
In short, on Friday 9/16 we’re live-streaming a Girls instore on the websites of independent record stores nationwide. Stores who participate in the stream get a LIMITED INDIE-RETAIL-ONLY PIECE OF VINYL to sell to your devoted customers. Duh.

Speaking Of That New Girls Album
I know we’ve told you already but I’m gonna keep telling you and then keep telling you some more that the new Girls album Father, Son, Holy Ghost has some totally killer bonuses. First off, LP1 of this double LP is on standard black wax and LP2 is on White Vinyl. It’s like an Oreo cookie that rocks. Secondly, the LP comes a bonus flexi disc featuring non-album track “Love Life.” This flexi is available only at Independent Retail. Stoked.
It’s out 9/13 and we’re celebrating with GIRLS ACROSS AMERICA (see above, man).

Best Odd Future
Hey remember when I sent that big rah-rah email about us little guys being on top of the pile and how awesome it’d be if and when that happened? Yea well last night Tyler, The Creator won the 2011 MTV VMA for Best New Artist. We’re psyched. Tyler is pscyheder.

St. Vincent Makes Her 2nd or 3rd National Television Debut Tonight On Letterman
Yes I know what DEBUT means. And I know that Ms. Vincent (nee Clark) has played late-night TV before. But damn I just love the way “debut” rolls off the tounge. And saying things with a silent T at the end make me feel all French and urbane.
Tonight St. Vincent will be playing “Cruel” – the first single from her album Strange Mercy – on The David Letterman Program. So check it out if you’re still awake.
I’ll be Tivo’ing because my parents make me go to sleep as soon as the streetlights come on.
In other St. Vincent news, the video for the aforementioned “Cruel” premiered last week on Huffington Post. It’s pretty disturbing. Watch it. And then read the REVIEW of St. Vincent’s performance at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art. But you probably already have as it got picked up more or less EVERYWHERE.

Hot Tip From The Rough Trade Wire
Rough Trade has two very awesome records by two very awesome artists coming out later this fall. Stay tuned for further news but for right now, get psyched that Jeffrey Lewis’ A Turn In The Dream-Songs hits shelves on October 11.
Later that month, Austinites Strange Boys see the release of their Rough Trade debut Live Music (that’s “Live” like “I live here, dude.” Not “Live” like that fucking awesome band from York, PA with the bald dude singer). That one is out October 25.

Remember When The Horrors Played That Show For MTV And They Filmed It And It Looked Awesome?
I do, bro. I do. Check out the entire performance from the Big Apple’s Studio At Webster Hall RIGHT NOW.

Hey I sure hope all my East Coasters are doing ok after this weekend. Let us know if we can help in anyway. And no, I’m not talking about a Pavement instore. Don’t play on my emotions, homes.

You Ever See A Muppet Play Blast Beats?

Boo and Yah

This newsletter would have been much funnier if I were on the beach during a hurricane trying to report whilst getting knocked over by wind gusts.
Hey this is “Handsome” Mike V signing off like Vin Scully. Keep it real, USA.

Retail Newsletter 8/15/11

Monday, August 15th, 2011

I Know What Malkmus Wants
Yes yes y’all. The triumphant return of the Slacker King is upon us, replete with a song whose hook employs the word “blowjob.” Methinks the stars are aligned and Zeus is smiling down on us from atop Rock Mountain.
Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks’ Mirror Traffic hits the streets next Tuesday and people are freakin psyched. Just sayin.
What’s that? You’re shoppers wanna hear more? We know you’ve been playing those on your overheads incessantly but rather than have your customers wait around for the next spin, you can tell them to check it right now, cause the whole album is streaming over at NPR (via Matablog).

September 13 Should Be Some Kind Of National Holiday
Cause we’re like a couple of St. Nick’s over here. Between St. Vincent’s Strange Mercy and Girls’ Father, Son, Holy Ghost we’re slinging the rock like it’s going out of style. But it’s not. Cause if it was, we wouldn’t have a job. But that’s beside the point. What is the point? Oh right. The point is we have two outfuckingstanding albums coming out on the same day.
Starting with St. Vincent, who has a HUGE Under The Rader cover piece out now which spans twelve friggin’ pages of print. Not to mention her gracing the cover of Spin and Time Out NY. JLo be damned. Ms. Annie Clark is officially a covergirl. Stop what you’re doing and check out her BNM’d track “Surgeon” right HERE.
How about Girls? Yea their video for “Vomit” is getting picked up EVERYWHERE. I mean, how often can we say that one of our bands is featured on musclecar enthusiast website Stang Nation? Check out the video over HERE.
And if dropping a kickass album weren’t awesome enough news, the band kick off their TOUR the day after hits shelves. We couldn’t ask for more. Except maybe a ride in some of Stang Nation’s slickest Stangs. I just wanna say Stang as many times as possible*.
Did I mention the first pressing of the album comes with a limited flexi? Cause I just did. Sucka.
But that’s not the only treat we’ve got for you independent retailers. We’ve got something big and juicy to announce very soon. So stay tuned here. Same bat time. Same bat channel.
THIS JUST IN!!! (seriously) Girls are confirmed to make their late night television debut with a street date performance on Jimmy Fallon! Happy Monday.

The Horrors Hitting Highways
I love alliteration. And The Horrors love touring. We’re a few weeks away from their first US tour behind their excellent new Skying, which according to YOU guys is lighting up the registers in a pretty real way. So check them out for suuuuuuure.

tUnE yArDs HaS BiG nEwS
And we’ll be letting you know what that big news is tomorrow. So stay tuned to our trusty Twitter account @matadordirect.
Hint: It involves a Beastie Boy.
Oh. And you should pick up a copy of Paste. Ms. yArDs graces this month’s cover.

Price Change Alert!
So the prices on Friendly Fires latest Pala are going up in early September on both formats so now’s a good time to stock up and get ‘em on the cheap.
CD WAS $9.98 WILL $14.98
LP WAS $16.98 WILL BE $22.98

On The Road Again.
Tours and Tours. So fun!

This is Mike V and this has been you’re bi-weekly Matador Direct Independent Retail Update. Keep on keepin’ on.


Retail Newsletter 8/2/11

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

“It’s been a while…” – Staind

w h o k i l l s   i t   w h e n   s h e   d e b u t s   o n   l a t e n i g h t   t v?
Merrill freakin’ Garbus does. If you were up late last night, maybe you caught tUnE yArDs’ incendiary performance on Jimmy Fallon with guest accompaniment by The Roots’ ?uestlove and Black Thought.
If you live on the same octogenarian schedule that I do and were asleep by 7:15, then you missed it. Watch it HERE.
I seriously have never seen Jimmy Fallon so excited. And I know my Jimmy Fallon.

The Horrors have an album out on Tuesday
There isn’t much more to say. The Horrors are about to drop some knowledge on American soil with their third long player Skying. It’s really fucking good.
They’ll be touring in a few weeks time but you already knew that.

Howler is a great rock and roll band from Minneapolis.
A few weeks ago that was about all you could say about these northern youngs. Now you can shout at the moon, “Howler is a great rock and roll band from Minneapolis who JUST SIGNED WITH ROUGH TRADE.” You can download their first MP3 HERE.
Welcome to the party, boys.

“Welcome back to the same ol’ place that you laughed about” – The Welcome Back Kotter Theme Song
That’s right. Welcome back Jeffery Lewis. It’s not that he went anywhere as much as it’s just how I’ve been waiting a lifetime to quote the 3rd greatest theme song of all time*… but he’s got a new record coming out this fall. We’re stoked. Read all about it.

The Wax Of The Proletariat
A handful of Matador’s most sought after vinyl has been reissued on 120g vinyl and they’re in our warehouse and ready to move. (FYI this includes the long out of print Yo La Tengo titles Painful and And The Nothing Turned Itseld Inside Out). So be excellent to your customers and make sure you’re stocked on these immortalesque Matador Records titles. ole.

Issue #37: St. Vincent
You can read a bit about how St. Vincent is on the cover of Under The Radar HERE. Or you can go pick up a copy and read the HUGE piece about her. What you can’t read about is how her show on the roof of NYC’s Metropolitan Museum Of Art sold out in 2 minutes. Check out that and other US tour dates on her site.

Tyler IS The Video Star
Remember when Kanye said Tyler, The Creator’s video for “Yonkers” was the “video of the year?” Well apparently MTV agrees.

Tours, mahn. Tours.
Check em out, dude. They’re really good live.

*Third only to The Greatest American Hero and Rocky



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