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Retail Newsletter 10/19/10

Friday, October 29th, 2010

First and foremost, I’m sure you all got my email last week about our Blonde Redhead instore play phone-in contest but take this reminder and CALL US at (646) 481-5173 anytime you play “Penny Sparkle” on your overheads!!!!!
We’ve had a great response to this so far with dozens of calls in the first day and the messages just keep rolling in.
The 20 stores who call us the most will each win a $50 CASH PRIZE!
We’re running this contest through the duration of the tour, so you’ve got until December 3rd to get as many messages on that machine as possible.
In conjunction with the phone-in contest and US tour, we’re pricing the hell out of the “Penny Sparkle Deluxe Edition” box (CAD-3X27-3).
We’re talking $11.98 list, $6.80 cost. Whoa.
But this price point only applies if you order five or more copies and is only valid through December 3rd.

David At The Denist be damned!
In viral senstation news, the video for Holy Fuck’s “Red Lights” is going absolutely bonkers with over 460,000 views in less than a week (after coming out of the gates with over 100,000 views on THE FIRST DAY!).
Watch it HERE.
Insert your own “holy fuck, that’s crazy” style joke here.

Contest Corner
After scoring an 8.2 on Pitchfork and receiving rave reviews across the board, Belle and Sebastian’s “Write About Love” is lighting up like crazy. I’m sure it can’t hurt that we’re running one of the BEST CONTESTS EVER in conjunction with this one. But you already knew that. And so do your customers… riiiiight?

From the Very Clean Desk of Rough Trade US
Warpaint’s video for “Undertow” premiered last week on the Vevo homepage (aka the largest video channel in the US) and is getting massive pickup everywhere with over 93,000 views in the first week. Heck of a way to bridge the gap between their amazing tour opening for The xx and the release of their Rough Trade debut “The Fool.”
Check it out. It’s awesome.

People still call it “Alternative Rock”
And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Congratulations are in order for Vampire Weekend who were just nominated for the Favorite Alternative Rock Artist at the American Music Awards. They’re up against stiff competition in ex-US bands Phoenix and Muse. Now we can’t have Brits or French bands winning an AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD!
You can vote for our boys HERE.

Ok. Back to work.



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