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Retail Newsletter 3/26/12

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Retail Newsletter 2/8/12

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

A Valentine’s Wish From Jeffrey Lewis
Who DOESN’T love over-priced prix fixes with the requisite champagne toast and shitty boxes of chocolate (lots of people!)??
Who DOES love new vinyl from their Valentine (lots of people).
Jeffrey Lewis made you a drawing because he wants to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s day. Please feel free to post this little love note to your Facebooks, blogs and websites around that dreadful, dreadful day.
And if you happen to see a VG UK copy of Electric Ladyland pick it up for me. I’ll TOTALLY be your Valentine. Just don’t call me “babe.”

Mark Lanegan Moves Units
So the new Mark Lanegan Band album Blues Funeral came out yesterday – but you already knew that – and to kick it off the band played a show last night at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom. Why should you give a shit about a rock show that happened probably not in your town? Because the fellows are Mark’s merch table sold out of every single copy of Blues Funeral last night. I don’t know how many they brought but I do know they had a bunch. One could even call it a “shitload.” It seemed like every other person in that room was carrying around a copy of Blues Funeral. Along with some of your early emails from yesterday afternoon telling us how fast this record was moving, we just wanna make sure you’re aware that people are psyched for this jam.

The Year Of The Tiger
Fucked Up’s latest installment in their Zodiac Single Series is out this week and it’s effing insane. You can listen to it along with the previous Zodiac Singles on this widget HERE. And then after you listen you can spread the word. Down at the bottom of that widget there’s a little button that says “SHARE.” So please use it, share and embed this jawn everywhere.
And if you perchance run into Fucked Up, make sure you say “Congrats” for being nominated for a Best Alternative Album award at the Junos for David Comes To Life. Rad.

Call Willis Earl Beal At 773-295-2135
Seriously. Call him. Talk to him, ask him how he’s doing and he’ll probably even sing you a song. You have to get familiar with this rolling stone’s story. It’s pretty fascinating. You can read all about it HERE.

Perfume GZA
Surely you’ve seen the unbelievable Perfume Genius video and the controversial ad by now but rest ye heart, dear friend, now you can take that song and listen to it on your morning jog. Well. Ok maybe it’s not jogging music but the point is the MP3 of “Hood” is HERE (along with some tour dates) meaning you no longer have to head to YouTube to hear your new favorite song.
The MUSIC VIDEO and CONTROVERSIAL AD have together amassed 300K views, and in only two weeks. Any of our artists with comparable views are in the 40K sales range rather than 4K spectrum. So be prepared for this album to hit harder than you may be expecting. People are psyched.
And according to our publicist, this action has “made a major splash in Gayville. So if any of these stores have any customers of the homosexual persuasion, they would be foolish not to stock big and stock hard.” I had to quote that because he said it and he’s gay so it’s totally fine.

Julian Plenti Is… Back!
That’s pretty much all the information we’ve got for now. But you can read about it HERE. The one thing I can assure you the album – which comes later this year – is that the album WON’T be titled Julian Plenti Is… Tenement Building

We want your store charts. Send to Me and Dave or Helen. Please don’t hesitate to add us to all of your lists.
And we were also wondering, why aren’t people counting vinyl? Surely for some of you guys out there and some of these titles, vinyl is a big chunk of the sales, no?! Let us know wassup. We wanna know you. Like KNOW you.

From The Distributed Product Vault
We think this Starving Weirdos VIDEO is outfuckingstanding. We think the new Starving Weirdos record is one step above outfuckingstanding. We carry it, along with a ton of other non-Beggars/Matador titles, here at Matador Direct. Hit up Dave or Helen for a full rundown of what Distributed Product we’ve got.

COD Update
COD charge is now $11.

much luv,
The Master Of Disaster, The ODB Of JCNJ, The Seventh Best Looking Guy At 304 Hudson.

Retail Newsletter 1/24

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

tUnE-yArDs Made The Best Album Of 2011
According to the most revered Village Voice Pazz & Jop poll. Not only that but Beggars Group titles make up 20% of the top 20. Huzzah! Read about it HERE and dig the list HERE.

Howler Killed NYC
We were absolutely psyched when Howler came around Big Apple way for last week’s NYC residency. In five days the played five shows to absolutely ravenous crowds all over Manhattan and Brooklyn (including a street date instore). These vibes are sure to bubble out your way – not to mention the reverberations you’re surely feeling from their hometown of Minneapolis. The album America Give Up is out now and it’s firing on all cylinders. People everywhere are taking note of how rad this band is, and I ain’t just talking music rags.

The 4AD Files
It’s a big winter for 4AD. It seems like each week sees the release of a totally kick-ass new album from the label.  Last week we saw The Big Pink hit you with their album Future This. It’s killer and they’ve got a lot of stuff planned for the horizon so keep your eyes peeled. Plus, loves it so who are we to argue. So we swing with the right then we hit ya with the left as the Mark Lanegan Band album Blues Funeral is comin’ at you in two weeks on February 7. This week we’ve got a handful of killer listening parties going on around the country and Mark and Co. have some bi-costal shows going on release week (2/7 at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom and 2/9 at LA’s Echoplex). But it sounds like people out there are very, very psyched for this one as it approached. Speaking of people very, very psyched Grimes is blowing up. Like, the shit’s going off. We’re getting emails and calls and postcards left and right reminding us just how psyched people are. You’re psyched. I know you’re psyched. Visions comes at you two weeks after Blues Funeral on February 21.

Perfume Genius Makes One Of The Best Videos I’ve Seen In A While
“I’m torn. This song is fantastic”
“Wow. Those two minutes passed like they were 10 seconds. Damn.”
“Amazing. Can’t stop watching.”
Those are some of the myriad comments people have made about the Perfume Genius video for “Hood.” Get involved.
The new album Put Your Back N 2

Retail Newsletter 1/9/12

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Welcome Back And Welcome To Our (Almost) First Street Week Of 2012!!
Yes it’s 2012 already. We’re ready for it and we’re armed with a boatload of killer new records. This week’s theme, Screw The Mayan Calendar. Let’s Rock!

Howler – America Give Up – January 17
One of the most talked about new bands of last year is backing all that action up with one of the hottest debuts we’ve heard in a long time. Howler is poised and ready to kick your ass – sonically of course – and we’re super psyched to get this one out into the world. After you hear it, you’ll feel the same.
Speaking of hearing it, your customers are probably doing that right NOW via NPR’s First Listen.

The Big Pink – Future This – January 17
Yes. The followup we’ve been waiting for is here and we’re stoked. And so are lots of other people as album tracks “Stay Gold” and “Hit The Ground (Superman)” have already been given the remix treatment by Araabmuzik and Danny Brown and King Krule, respectively. But you’ve heard those already and now it’s time to hear the record, RIGHT?! Right. Well after they’re done at NPR, “the people” can stream Future This right here on SPIN.COM.

V/A – Intended Play 2012 – February 17
That’s right, dude. The $1.98 list price is printed right there on the cover. Pretty insane considering you get tons of action from the Matador/True Panther syndicate including The Young, Ceremony, Lee Ranaldo, Perfume Genius, Girls, Kurt VIle, Fucked Up and tons more.

Mark Lanegan Band – Blues Funeral – February 7
The consummate sideman is back with his first full length release since 2004′s Bubblegum. If you’re one of those people who have somehow managed to not hear the first track “The Gravedigger’s Song,” you can check it out HERE. And then you can give give Dave or Helen a call and make sure you get a bunch of “The Gravedigger’s Song” 7″es.

The Unthanks – The Songs Of Robert Wyatt And Antony & The Johnsons, Live From The Union Chapel (Diversions, Vol. 1) – February 7
I’m pretty sure the title tells you everything you need to know. And to those of your familiar with how awesome this band is, trust me, you’re in for it. It’s as good/interesting/engaging/endearing as the title would suggest it is.

Grimes – Visions – February 21
If you’ve turned on “the internet” in the last week or so you’ve surely heard about Canadian avant-songstress Grimes signing to 4AD. It was pretty impossible to avoid considering she was the number 1 artist on both and hypemachine last week AND she scored a Best New Track on Pitchfork. Well then you also know that we’ve got her album Visions coming your way on February 21. You can listen to the album track “Genesis” right HERE.

Perfume Genius – Put Your Back N 2 It – February 21
I know you remember the last newsletter I sent where I told you just how fantastic the new Perfume Genius album is. Well now I’ve got all the information you need, along with a song from that album. Check it.

“Oldies Back On Vinyl!!”
That’s a direct quote. We’ve got the following coming back from beyond on wax for you and yours to dig.
Peaches – The Teaches Of Peaches on Pink Vinyl on January 17.
Cocteau Twins – Stars & Topsoil on February 7.
Gotan Project – La Revancha Del Tango on February 7.

What’s That Over The Horizon?
That? Oh that’s Ceremony. They’re from Rohnert Park, California. The are one of the most fantastic, unusual and progressive hardcore bands we’ve heard this century. Their fourth album Zoo is coming your way via Matador on March 6. You can freak out on album track “Hysteria” right HERE. And you can grab that 7″ soon, as it hits the streets on February 7.
And that other guy over the horizon there? That’s Chicago’s Willis Earl Beal. He’s got a very interesting story and even more interesting music. His album Acoustamatic Sorcery is coming at us in March but in a few weeks you can grab his first 7″ Evening’s Kiss. You should go ahead and listen to that song HERE.

Comin’ To Your Cittay
Tour updates HERE and HERE.

Retail Newsletter 12/12/11

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Howler On Celluloid And Then In New York City
Howler’s debut album America Give Up is coming your way on January 17. But today Rolling Stone premiered the first music video from that album. Watch “Back Of Your Neck” HERE.
But that’s not all. This afternoon we will be announcing a very special Howler NYC residency to the world. But since you guys are so rad, we’ll tell you first.
Jan 17 – Other Music Instore
Jan 18 – Pianos
Jan 19 – Death By Audio
Jan 20 – Cameo Gallery
Jan 21 – Pianos

Fucked Up Made The Best Album Of The Year*
*According to Spin.
Of course we’ve got tons of other year end accolades – more on that later. But Spin saying your album is the best deserves at least a little extra love. So next time you so those Canadians, make sure you say congrats. Oh hey by the way, not only is David Comes To Life Spin’s best album of 2011, but those homies are on the freaking cover of the freaking magazine. Coming to a newsstand near you.

Who’s Psyched For This Mark Lanegan Album?
I am. We are. A lot of people everywhere are. I mean, after Queens Of The Stone Age let their 1.4 million friends in on the secret via Facebook, the word is now unquestionably out. Please stop doing whatever you are doing and listen to the album’s first MP3 “The Gravedigger’s Song.”

Last Week We Were All Cagey And Talked About A New Perfume Genius Album Coming Soon But Didn’t Tell You Any Details And You Were Probably Left Wanting More Information, Right?
Well I could tell you that it’s called Put Your Back N 2 It or I could tell you it’s out February 21 or I could send you a link to the album’s first MP3, “All Waters.” But I’d rather you just read all about it. Seriously. Go. Now.

We’ve Got Some New Wall Art Around Here!
Congrats are in order for Interpol and Vampire Weekend whose Turn On The Bright Lights and Contra, respectively, have been recently certified GOLD!

Just Over The Horizon
Remember the Girls heart-shaped Lawrence 7″ and the Joker Visions instrumental 12″ you keep asking Dave and Helen about? Well they will be arriving imminently.

The Year The Year Will End.
There are so many lists and so many of our releases have made so many of those lists. So rather than write a big paragraph, hyperlinking each one and really just confusing the hell out of everything, here’s a list of them.

Alela Diane

#6 Magnet’s indie-roots releases of the year

Atlas Sound

#10 Editor’s picks, Best Alternative and Indie Rock albums

#35 Stereogum top 50

Friendly Fires

#72 editor’s pick

Fucked Up

#1 Spin Album Of The Year

#2 The Onion AV Club

#4 Stereogum


#5 Chicago Tribune (syndicated)

#6 Jim DeRogotis/WBEZ

#7 Impose

#22 Decibel

Magnet Top 20

Under The Radar Top 80

NPR top 50

Gang Gang Dance

#6 Stereogum top 50

#9 New York Magazine (top 10)

#15 Impose (top 25)

Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX

#6 Filter Samantha Field staff list (top 10)

#19 MTV News

The Horrors

#1 A Heart Is A Spade top 10 albums of the year

#4 Filter Alan Miller staff list (top 10)

#5 Mtv News

Jamie XX

#60 Popmatters “Far Nearer” 75 best songs

Jeffrey Lewis

#25 outstanding albums you may have missed

Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks

#20 Magnet

#27 Jim DeRogatis/WBEZ

#39 Rolling Stone

Under The Radar Top 80


#3 Filter staff list Alyssa Jones (top 10)

#33 Stereogum top 50

Stereogum included in top 50 best new bands

St. Vincent

#1 One Thirty BPM  Album of the Year

#4 Cornell Daily Sun top 10 albums of the year

#8 Onion AV Club (top 10) albums of the year

#11 Paste’s top 50 albums of the year

#25 editor’s pick

#26 in Rolling Stone’s best of the year

#28 in American Songwriter’s top 50 list

#32 Stereogum top 50


#1 BU Quad

#1 Editor’s picks, Best Alternative and Indie Rock albums

#2 Cornell Daily Sun top 10 albums of the year

#3 Popmatters best albums of the year

#4 Paste’s top 50 albums of the year

#5 editors Best Alternative and Indie Rock  Songs

#5 NPR/Bob Boilen’s top 11 albums

#7 New York Magazine (top ten albums)

#8 Jim DeRogotis/WBEZ top 40 albums

#9 editor’s pick

#10 Filter Jose Vargas staff list (top 10)

#13 Rolling Stone’s albums of the year

#46 Stereogum top 50

Tyler, The Creator

#95 editor’s pick

Kurt Vile

#3 Filter

#4 Spin

#17 Editor’s Pick

#25 The Guardian

#34 Stereogum

#44 Paste

American Songwriter Top 50

Under The Radar Top 80

Retail Newsletter 11/28/11

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving y’all. Here goes…

Dude, There Is So Much Action Going Down In The World Of The xx
I’m sure you’ve heard little blips and blurbs but here it is, all rolled into one comprehensive package.

First off, we can’t begin to talk about how jazzed we are that The xx have begun recording their second album. The fact that they are recording is just about all the information we have at this point but you can follow along with the band on their new blog, on which they’ve started to post their inspirations, photos and generally fun and awesome stuff while they go through the process of making the followup to their magnificent debut. Check it out HERE.

Along with that, remixes and samples and the like have been popping up everywhere. Surely you heard about that time that Drake sampled the Jamie xx remix of Gil Scott-Heron’s “I’ll Take Care Of You” on his massive debut’s title track. Wait. You didn’t? Well you can read about it HERE. As of last week, that was the #1 track on iTunes. People. Be. Psyched.

What else? Oh right. There was that one time when the biggest band in the world (Well, second biggest only to the Doobie Brothers) Radiohead announced that Jamie xx was remixing “Bloom” from their King Of Limbs album. That happened and you can read about it and listen to that jawn HERE.

And then there’s that whole pop music scene where I’m pretty sure Rihanna is still on top of the pile. She recently sampled “Intro” from The xx’s self-titled debut on a track called “Drunk On Love” from her album Talk That Talk which dropped last week. Listen to it, man.

Phew. That’s a lot of action. I need a coconut water.

People Love Writing Really Cool Pieces About Jeff Lewis
They just keep rolling in. And they just keep getting more deep and more awesome.
Check out this super in-depth piece from Capital New York which discusses Mr. Lewis’s touring ethos, comic books and even includes some rad videos. Hey otherwise, the dude’s got a few dates left on his current tour. West Coasters, I’m looking at you. Dig ‘em HERE.

Some Concrete News About Perfume Genius Followed By Some Nebulous News About Perfume Genius
Perfume Genius starts his tour tonight in Cleveland supporting Beirut. You can check out the dates HERE. There is a new Perfume Genius album coming soon. We recently heard it. It almost made me cry. Seriously.

Remember In The Last Newsletter When I Told You We Had a Zomby 12″ That Is Coming Out On December 6?
Well we’re shipping them this week, so get up with Dave or Helen for all the info and to order lots of em.

Remember In This Newsletter When I Told You About The New Big Pink Album?
Yea dude. Future This is hitting shelves in January but the band just whet our collective whistles when Zane Lowe premiered the album’s first track “Stay Gold” as his Hottest Record In The World. (No idea what I’m talking about? Well it’s England stuff. But rest assured, it’s huge). You can check out the video for the song HERE. And then you can order the “Stay Gold” 12″ from Helen or Dave.
Let’s get Krinked.

Trash Talk In Technicolor
The first run of the Trash Talk Awake 7″ sold out faster than the Doobie Brothers digital boxset. So we pressed more. Said first run was on black/white, black or white vinyl. This repress is coming atcha on grey or grey/black vinyl. So what am I saying? I’m saying the color vinyl nuts that shop at your store are about to start salivating some more for these jammies.
Fun Fact: The Pitchfork awarded Awake its coveted Best New Music tag which makes this 7″ the shortest BNM ever. (Remember, The Doobie Brothers :28 second album Time In My Pocket only got an 8.0 and did not score BNM).

“King Krule – 1st Pressing Almost Sold Out. Shit’s ‘Blowing Up’”
So part of the process for me compiling this fucking Pulitzer-worthy newsletter is me asking all the label heads over here at 304 Hudson, “You got any action for my newsletter?” The headline above is a direct quote from the True Panther himself. Need I say more?

Getting To Know Your Local Independent Retailer
So we’ve started profiling some of your awesome stores out there on the Matablog with a new feature called Getting To Know Your Local Independent Retailer, duh. You can check out our first installment featuring Origami Vinyl HERE.
While I’d love to come up with thought-provoking and insightful questions for each of your stores, I really don’t have the time between playing Snood, correcting the mistakes on the Doobie Brothers’ Wikipedia entry and changing the inner sleeves of Dave’s LP collection without him knowing. So email me back and I’ll send you our list of eleven generic questions that you can answer to be featured on the Matablog.


Have A Great Week, Everybody…
I know I’m about to.

Retail Newsletter 11/14/11

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Just a quick reminder the the definitive live Sigur Ros experience Inni is out tomorrow via XL. I hope we’ve cleared it up for all of you but just in case we haven’t, here goes one more time:
Inni is available on the following formats: 2CD/DVD & Blu Ray/2CD. Unfortunately, the 3LP/DVD format is sold out going forward. If you’d ordered for tomorrow’s street date you will have received your allotment.
On a personal note, I recommend finding your friend who has the best sound system/tv combo and throwing a little viewing party. While this thing is awesome on so many levels, it’s that much more awesome when cranked through a great sound system.

Jeffrey Lewis Is Having An Awesome Month
Fresh off the release of his latest A Turn In The Dream Songs, Jeff’s November is shaping up spectacularly. From his #1 ranking on the WRAS chart (arguably one of America’s biggest college radio stations) to awesome looks on NPR and in American Songwriter and of course his current US Tour. But that’s not all. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for so big, big announcements in the coming weeks.

The Strange Boys Are Coming
To celebrate the release of their new album Live Music, Strange Boys are heading to the Big Snapple Apple for a weeks worth of shows and promo which include an appearance on The Chris Gethard Show (Wednesday 11/16 11pm), record release shows at Mercury Lounge (Friday 11/18) and Glasslands (Saturday 11/19), a performance and interview on WFMU’s Cherry Blossom Clinic (Saturday 11/19 3pm) and a Generation instore (Sunday 11/20 4pm). So rad.
And of course while I have you here, you should check out their new video HERE.

Zombys Are The Shit
Especially our Zomby. As in the one who just delivered us his new 12″ Nothing which drops December 6 on 4AD. It looks amazing and sounds even better. Blip-heads get stoked.

Mark Lanegan Band Has A New Album And It’s Coming Out Soon On 4AD And It’s Unbelievable.
Well that subject line pretty much wraps it all up. But I don’t think there is a staffer over here who isn’t freaking out on how awesome Blues Funeral is. It’s out February 6.
But if you can’t wait that long – and let’s face it, you can’t – we will have a 7″ with 1 album track and “a new recording of the jam from that video game” (according to Dave) available very shortly after the new year.

Did You Hear The One About The Classic GBV Lineup?
Is there one about the classic GBV lineup? Well, whatever. I’m listening to their new 7″ – We Won’t Apologize For The Human Race b/w The Unsinkable Fats Domino – right now and it’s fantastic (out next Tuesday on Matador). It’s not coincidental that the classic GBV lineup has made a classic GBV 7″. And classic GBV fans will be psyched on the classic GBV 7″ made by the classic GBV lineup. Classic.

Kurt Vile Slayed Webster Hall
Congrats are in order for Mr. Vile after he absolutely destroyed his largest headlining engagement ever (the 1400 capacity Webster Hall). Here’s to him!
And here’s to him again as his Smoke Ring For My Halo deluxe edition is now out on CD with the bonus content available on wax on the So Outta Reach EP.

If Loving Indie Retail Is Wrong, We Don’t Wanna Be Right
Some of you may have seen this floating around the internet. Some may have missed it. I just wanted to bring to your attention this Matablog post we came up with in regards to seemingly near-constant announcements of the closures independently owned record stores. While it makes us so sad every time we hear about someone closing, we felt like there isn’t enough attention to so many stores who are opening or expanding. There are a lot of you out there who are kicking ass and we just wanted to make sure people knew about it. So please pass this post around, use the comments section to tell us how your store is doing or to bring up a new store we may not know about, and mostly just enjoy.

Who Tourin’ Tonight? Who Tourin’ Tonight? (Sung In The Style Of Fatman Scoop’s “Be Faithful”)

Retail Newsletter 4/1/11

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Retail Newsletter 10-31-11

Monday, October 31st, 2011

My apologies for having neglected our newsletter for the last cycle. CMJ was in town and things got a little nutty.
But we’ve put our dancing shoes back in the closet in their protective Ziploc bag and are hard back at work. Normally, mid-fall is when we begin to slow down a bit and refocus ourselves on the year end and the coming year’s impending madness. But this year we’re chugging along straight to winter like one of Geezer Butler’s bass lines.
Of course you’re all already very hip to the Atlas Sound “Parallax” 7″, the King Krule EP, the Trash Talk Awake 7″ and of course the so effing awesome TV Casualty S/T 7″ but I wanna take a minute and outline the chock-full-of-rawk November we’ve got coming on the horizon.

This week’s theme:

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

Joker The Vision – Available 11/8
Debut album by Brighton producer Joker is a soon-to-be hallmark of the resurgent British electronic scene. It’s a wildly  refreshing take on everything that seems to be happening over there.

Kurt Vile Smoke Ring For My Halo Deluxe Edition – Available 11/8
The album that will surely appear on most everyone’s Best Of lists gets the deluxe treatment. CD format comes with brand new cover art and the So Outta Reach EP as a 6 track bonus disc.
That EP is also available separately on vinyl.

Atlas Sound Parallax – Available 11/8
You surely know the story by now. Atlas Sound is Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox solo effort. However what you may not realize is that Atlas Sound is anything but a “side-project.” It is a fully realized musical vision that some are saying is Bradford’s best work to date.

Sigur Ros Inni – Available 11/15
This film/album combo is being referred to as the “Definitive Live Sigur Ros Experience.” Well, outside of actually seeing the band live, I can’t disagree. I recommend watching with friends on the best entertainment system any one of you has and turning the volume all the way up.

Portishead Chase The Tear 12″ – Available 11/15
This track (released last year digitally) finally gets its much deserved vinyl release. It’s backed with a remix by Torontonians Doldrums.
All proceeds still go to Amnesty International.

Guided By Voices The Unsinkable Fats Domino b/w We Won’t Apologize 7″- Available 11/22
Lucky for us they are back at it with the classic GBV lineup. This is the first single (via Matador) from their upcoming self-released album Let’s Go Eat The Factory.
You can listen to the track and get psyched here.

And now for some other news and notes.

The Vinyls Are Coming
Get psyched as we’ve got some much awaited vinyl coming down the pipe in a few weeks’ time. First the Strange Boys Live Music will be in next week in time for the 11/15 street date. Make sure you get up with Dave or Helen and stock yourselves.
Additionally, the King Krule EP will be in on wax for 11/15 as well.

This Mortal Coil In A Box
Well not like “in a box.” More like “in a box.” Make sense? You’re welcome. Stay tuned for more information on the This Mortal Coil boxset coming later today but let me be the first to tell you (unless somebody else told you already) that these things look and sound amazing. They are pricey so best to talk to your TMC/4AD heads and gauge what kind of interest you’ll have from your customers. But for a fan, they are absolutely worth every single penny.

This Cartoon Is Fucked Up.
Bet you’d never thought you’d see Fucked Up as their own cartoon. Well, thanks to Pitchfork you can now.

4AD Live
The first time I sat down to watch this St Vincent live session, I thought it was a music video. It looks and sounds unbelievable. Surely, you’ll make the same assumption when you check it out.

Our Bands Love Touring.
Seriously. They won’t stop doing it.

Retail Newsletter 9/27/11

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

New York, New York
That’s right, New Yorkers. I have two pieces of excellent news for you. Well three if you count the fact that we survived an earthquake. Badasses.
First, recent Matador signees The Young will be in town (and then Philly) for a handful of shows in early November. Check out those dates HERE.
And for those of you who don’t live in New York but will assuredly be here in late October anyway, 4AD is hosting a CMJ Showcase at The Ballroom On The Bowery. Details HERE.

Hello And Welcome To Rough Trade.
In Hawai’i, they’d call them “Howlies” but in Minneapolis they call themselves Howler and they’re on tour right now and they have a rad EP that you can order from Dave or Helen like TODAY.
In addition to the aforementioned Rough Trade awesomeness, the impending October sees the release of two kickass records.
First off we have Jeffrey Lewis’ A Turn In The Dream Songs coming on October 11 followed shortly thereafter by Strange Boys’ Live Music on October 25. Dig it, man. Dig it.

Sigur Ros: The Movie
It’s called Inni. It’s out November 15. It is the definitive live Sigur Ros experience. Get psyched.
And stay tuned for retail tie-ins with screenings in a town near you.
This is the first Sigur Ros action since 2009′s Med Sud… which has scanned 175,000 copies to date and their first visual effort since 2007′s Heima which was recently certified gold.
We will have the following three formats available:
Triple LP with DVD on 150 gram clear vinyl limited to 3000 copies
Double CD with DVD
Blu Ray with Double CD in Blu Ray packaging

This Video Is Gangsta.
I can actually finally use Gangsta as adjective like all the cool dudes do. Thank you tUnE-yArDs.

The New Girls Video…
For some strange reason, this video reminds me of Paul Simon. I honestly have no idea why. Whatever. It’s one of the best narrative videos I’ve seen in a while. Watch it at least once. And then listen to Father, Son, Holy Ghost which is being lauded universally (Pitchfork 9.3 BNM, Spin 9/10 and scads of praise from Rolling Stone, Stereogum, NY Times, Washington Post and tons others) and quickly proving to be the breakout album of the decade.

True Panther Weeleases
And as always we’ve got some smaller True Panther releases coming up the pipe and available via Matador Direct.
October 10th sees the release of the absolutely insane Trash Talk Awake 7″.
On October 28 will give us Wet Illustrated’s 1x1x1 LP and Little Red’s Midnight Remember LP.
Finally, on November 8th we’ll have the King Krule 12″ and CDEP. Some of you may know him better by his former name Zoo Kid. He’s amazing. Check out this New York Times piece all about him.

Willie Nelson Said It Well… Kris Kristofferson Said It Better
Tours HERE and HERE.

I’ve been your host Michael Timothy “Handsome Dan” Venutolo-Mantovani, The First.
Keep on truckin’.



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